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Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Design


Kitchens are the heart of every home. Their main goal from the onset of them was to feed the family. They still fit this original goal; however they are so much more now. Kitchen spaces used to be small and quaint. Their function was to cook a meal in, and then bring it to the table for family meals. The kitchen was the hub, and many times at the center of the buzzing. You could enter a kitchen from four, five, or sometimes even more doors into this tiny space. People were isolated in the kitchen cooking while life went on in all of the other rooms. Times they are "a-changing"....

Now the kitchen is still the center of the home. The hub in a new fresh way! We are knocking down the walls, and making the main function of cooking and food preparation the center point of a home. We are intertwining all duties and no longer is the cook isolated. Entertaining, eating, gathering, team cooking and food preparation, as well as games, zoom calls, crafting spaces, and sewing are now happening in our kitchens. Multi-functional is the name of the game. There are no limitations. The huge trend of great rooms allows your village to be with you even when tasks still need to be managed. Afterall, life doesn't stop when we need to we just roll everything all into one. 

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